Orange Season Update 0.2.7

This version includes a nice new system: Companions.

Orange Season Update 0.2.7

Hello everyone! It’s been almost two months since the version 0.2.6 of Orange Season was released, but there’s finally a new one. And it’s packed with content:

Companion System:

One of the main features of Orange Season is finally available. For this version, there are seven companions available: Annie, Benjamin, Devin, Julia, Nathalia, Raphael and Viktor. Once you reach a friendship of at least one star level with any of those, you can give them a special gift and they will ask if you want them to hang out with you.

Each one of them has a special skill that is activated automatically when they are with you:

  • Annie will let you teleport to additional locations with no stamina cost!
  • Benjamin will slowly increase your friendship with animals.
  • Devin will slowly increase your friendship with male villagers.
  • Julia will make the time slower, giving you more time to finish your daily chores.
  • Nathalia will slowly increase your friendship with female villagers.
  • Raphael can get you discounts on some stores.
  • Viktor will increase your chance of getting good ore pieces when breaking ore nodes.

With the exception of Annie, the better your friendship with your companion is, the better will be the effect of their skills.

Lifting the Forest Spell:

Using the companion system, you can join Raphael and together figure out why there is a spell on the forest. You can solve the quest as soon as Raphael starts it, but the spell can’t be lifted until the first year’s fall season.

Once you finally lift that spell, you’ll be able to access a total of 7 new areas, including the Forest of Eternal Fall, where you can grow fall crops all year long.

A lot more!

The game now includes patch notes detailing everything that was added with every minor update, make sure to check it to see the fixed bugs and the smaller features that were included.

By the way…

Don’t forget to check the useful links listed on the discussion board! There are a lot of stuff you can use to follow the game’s development closer:

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