Orange Season Update 0.2.4

Hello everyone! I’ve released a new update patch today, to finally include horses in the game.

Orange Season Update 0.2.4

Hello everyone! I’ve released a new update patch today, to finally includes horses in the game.

Horses can be bought from Stella and are super fast. They can even climb stairs, so you can ride them and go anywhere you want.

Here’s the full changelog:

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed issue that prevented chickens from being sold
  • Fixed issue that caused animals and objects left inside the house to disappear when the house upgrade is completed
  • Fixed Fatal Error that happened when hovering a villager crop with the hoe or watering can equipped
  • Fixed Fatal Error that happened if you tried to knock on a door in the middle of a tool animation
  • Fixed an issue that caused the player to automatically eat a fish when you used the Eat/Use button to stop fishing


  • Improved the logic used to determine the area of effect of some tools
  • Changed seeds so that they are used with both “use” and “action” buttons when hovering a tilled soil
  • From now on, newborn chicks will never have worse traits than it’s mother
  • Changed the time hud
  • More perfomance improvements
  • From now on, the rocks in the caves will reset every day, so you don’t need to destroy the ones you’re not interested on.
  • Removed some useless data from the save files
  • Removed spawn of regular rock items in the mine and fields
  • Changed the order of tools in the toolbar
  • Restored the ability to run while holding items
  • Increased copper drop rate
  • Copper and Silver drop rate increased to 100% in Blue Nodes

New Stuff:

  • Horses!
  • Added a basic calendar to the pause menu
  • Added a new special day: Candy Day
  • Added a new task for Phi
  • Added new Rock Town Villagers: Amanda, Gabriel and Ilda
  • Added Dashing Player Sprites
  • New resolution option: 1600×900
  • You can now have a male character with the female sprite or a female character with the male sprite.
  • Added new items in the general store: Chocolate, Sugar, Flour and Tea Bag

For Modders:

  • Added method to include new icons from separate images
  • Added method to include new items
  • Added method to include new characters
  • Added method to add/change a character schedule
  • Changes to the festival manager to make it easier for mods to include new festivals

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