Orange Season Mods

Orange Season Mods

Since the 0.2 update, Orange Season can load mod files. Follow the instructions below to do so.

Creating the Mod Folder

On Windows, you need to create a folder called OrangeSeason inside your Documents folder.
On Mac OSX and Linux, you need to create a folder called OrangeSeason inside your User folder.

After creating the OrangeSeason folder, go inside it and create another folder called “mods”.

That’s it. The game will automatically load any mod file you add to that folder.

Downloading Mods

Check out the Game Mods section of the game website to find mods to download.

When you download a mod inside a zip file, you need to extract it first. Every mod must either be a JS file or a folder with a file called plugin.js inside.

Creating Mods

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Managing Mod List

If you want to manually control which mods are loaded and in which order, you can create a file called modlist.txt inside your mod folder. Simply add the mod names to this file (one mod name per line) and the game will load only the mods that are on it, on the same order that you specify.

Steam Workshop

The current version of the game doesn’t support Steam Workshop, because I want to keep some control over the mods while the game is still changing. This way I can make sure that mods won’t stop working after I change something in the game itself.

Once the game launches for real, there will be Steam Workshop support.

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