Fantasy Farming: Orange Season

Fantasy Farming: Orange Season

Fantasy Farming: Orange Season is a farm-life RPG focused on exploration and character development, with different gameplay mechanics to keep the experience fresh for hundreds of hours.

In this game, you control a young character who just moved to a small town to take care of a farm, where you can grow crops and raise animals. You can also explore a large world filled with forests, mountains, caves, beaches, lakes and deserts. Reach multiple new towns and befriend all of their residents.

Game Features:

  • High focus on exploration, with many hand crafted areas (mountains, forests, caves, deserts, lakes and much more).
  • Town festivals.
  • Raise animals and plant crops on your farm.
  • Tame wild animals and bring them to your farm.
  • Increase your friendship with the town's villagers by interacting to them and completing quests.
  • Farm customization
  • Open Code: The whole game code is available with the game, so modders can change anything they want.
  • Mod System: Every single detail of the game can be modified by installing mods on them.
  • Companion System: You can ask a villager to hang out with you. They will follow you and participate in the things you do.

Upcoming Features:

  • Three different towns, with different themes and over 50 villagers in total.
  • Several festivals inspired by real life festivities from around the world.
  • More than 30 different types of animals.
  • Marriage system with over 10 potential spouses.
  • Rival Marriage system, without predefined couples.
  • Several minigames.
  • Share a single farm and inventory across different save files, so you can play around with what-if scenarios.