Fantasy Farming: Orange Season - Stella

Fantasy Farming: Orange Season - Stella


Stella is a 27 year old farmer who lives in Orange Town, currently working on Brittany's farm.
She's the kind of person who is straight to the point and always says what's in her mind. She works hard and expects everybody to do the same.


  • Rory - Grandfather
  • Cindy - Cousin

Heart Events

Friendship Event

Location: Restaurant
Time: 17:00 - 19:59
Friendship Level: 2 Hearts or More
  - Talked to Stella on at least 10 unique days
  - Being followed by Stella
  - Friday or Saturday


Location: Beach
Time: 18:00 - 19:59
Friendship Level: 3 Hearts or More
  - Seen Friendship Event
  - Being followed by Stella

Likes and Dislikes

Any items not on those lists will be liked or disliked according to the item's default.

Loved Items

  • Apple
  • Jam

Liked Items

  • Radish

Disliked Items

No Info.

Hated Items

No Info.