Fantasy Farming: Orange Season - Nathalia

Fantasy Farming: Orange Season - Nathalia


Nathalia is a 22 year old librarian who lives in Orange Town. Addicted to candies and stories, her charisma makes her a good friend of most villagers.


  • Nathalia's family lives somewhere else.

Heart Events

Friendship Event

Location: Restaurant
Time: 17:00 - 19:59
Friendship Level: 2 Hearts or More
  - Talked to Nathalia on 10 or more unique days
  - Being followed by Nathalia
  - Friday or Saturday


Location: Forest
Time: 13:00 - 17:59
Friendship Level: 3 Hearts or More
  - Seen Friendship Event
  - Being followed by Nathalia

Likes and Dislikes

Any items not on those lists will be liked or disliked according to the item's default.

Loved Items

  • Chocolate
  • Cake

Liked Items

  • Sugar
  • Walleye

Disliked Items

  • Bread

Hated Items

No Info.