Extra Methods

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Extra Method List:

dropAnimalAt(mapId, x, y, animalId, animalData)

This method is executed when the player drops an animal they were holding.

If your mod uses any custom animal, you can use this method to create the animal event in the position it was dropped.

You need to return true if the animalId belongs to your mod, or false if it doesn’t.


This method is called when a small animal was picked up by the player.

No return is expected.


With this method, you can prevent a specific item from being stored in the backpack.

Return false if you want to prevent an item from being stored, or true for no change.


This method is executed when the player tries to open the door to the old house on the beach. You can use it to trigger a special event if needed.

Return true if you triggered an event, or false otherwise.