DevBlog 2019-06 - Spoilers on the next update

A few spoilers on what's coming in the next update, scheduled for June 24th.

DevBlog 2019-06 - Spoilers on the next update

It's been nearly nine months since I released version 0.4 of the game. Version 0.5 was supposed to come only three months after that, but many things delayed it's arrival. It is finally going to be released on June 24th, with a lot more than I had initially planned.

The first big thing I started working on after the september release was an overhaul on the mouse controls. It was a popular complaint among players that those controls were too complicated. That happened because when I first started it, I wanted the game to have the same controls as the PSX Harvest Moon game. Mouse and Keyboard controls were only emulating a controller instead of being used directly in the game. That changed now.

Map of Orange Town

The next change was one of the most requested features: a map. Yes, it's finally here! There are three maps available on the game now: the town, the mountains and the forests. You can see by the image above that the villagers will also be tracked in real time on it, simplifying the job of all stalkers.

While I added the map and changed the mouse controls, Ryan was busy drawing new menus for the game: title screen, inventory, calendar, shops, storage, trash cans... every user interface has been replaced with something much better. For example:

Other than all the visual changes, there is a lot of new content on the game: new tasks, hundreds of new conversations with villagers, new items to be found on the caves and machines. You can buy any of the machines by talking to the blacksmith, but they require rare materials and a decent amount of money. The machines that are already available are:

  • Mayo Maker
  • Cheese Maker
  • Bird Feed Maker
  • Hay Maker
  • Seed Maker

If you have already played the game before this update and befriends Annie, you'll get an alert when you load your save file, saying that the teleporter was removed from your inventory. To acquire it again, you'll need to increase your friendship with Annie and complete a few tasks. Nothing too complicated.

Those were just a few spoilers about what's coming on this next update. There's still a lot more. Stay tuned.

The main cast of the game.

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